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DISCLAIMER: Nothing shared in my newsletter should be considered financial advice. All of your decisions to trade or invest are always based on your own risk and research.

Welcome to the 10x Club, thanks for joining the club!

10x Club is a newsletter focused on life changing investment opportunities in crypto during the bear market. Curated by #BlowOffTopic, a seasoned trader and fundamental analyst specialised in the crypto market since 2017. BlowOffTopic has gained popularity with his unique composite trading strategy that combines fundamentals, technical & on chain analysis including market maker positioning and an in-depth understanding of both crypto and the traditional markets. This made him correctly project the bear market in crypto as early as December 2021 and call the top on the S&P500 by 22.05 points (to be exact). He also made correct projections on multiple index funds across the European equity market. Sounds too good to be true? Well, let’s have a look:

S&P500 - Analysis by BlowOffTopic

One of the private charts of BlowOffTopic indicating a top for the S&P500. The analysis below was posted on January 3rd with the S&P500 at 4796.57 points. A day later, on January the 4th, the S&P500 set its macro top at 4818.62 - meaning a 1 day difference and 22.05 points off from the actual top.

TOTAL3 - Analysis by BlowOffTopic

The first public warning of BlowOffTopic for a bear market in crypto came as early as December 8th. (It would even be posted a week earlier if Tradingview wouldn’t had blocked his account for 7 days for breaking a house rule, naughty guy!) The analysis below clearly indicated all the reasons to get out of the crypto market and take profits. Many people disagreed in the comments with “NGMI”, but I think they might scratch their head right now as the altcoin market cap declined by about -58% since the moment of this post.

ICP - Analysis by BlowOffTopic

Another example is ICP (Internet Computer) which was launched on most big exchanges during mid May. A day after the launch on Coinbase, on May 12th, BlowOffTopic warned not to buy this coin. His research pointed out that their product is way too complex and inefficient. Backed by many VC’s and “influencers”, the exchanges listed the token at (beyond) absurd prices but many retail investors took the bait. At the time, the -63% projection looked ridiculous to many - but it wasn’t. Today ICP trades at around 6.6 USD noting a decline of -98%(!) from 358 USD, the price it was at when BlowOffTopic posted the analysis below.

Lets prepare for life changing opportunities

Do you get the point? Now, I’m not all bearish - in fact, I’m very bullish on the potential of the crypto industry for the coming decade. However, just investing in random projects at random prices is, as you can see, very very dangerous. That’s why I’m starting a paid weekly newsletter that covers exciting small market cap projects with high upside potential as well as fundamentally solid mid/high market cap projects. I will line these fundamental analyses up with a risk analysis, nothing is certain in the market(!), price projections and a good entry (buy in) price. Please bear in mind that nothing that I communicate within my newsletter should be regarded as financial advice. My newsletter is for sharing my own views and opinions on the market and any trade or investment you make is fully your own risk and responsibility - therefore always do your own research and make your own conclusions.

Why do you have to pay for this newsletter?

I decided to make this newsletter to help retail investors navigate through the bear market. The crypto market is highly volatile and a high risk market, therefore it is a tough market to manage your capital. With this newsletter I want to share my own views that might help you to see why I make certain decisions in the market. The newsletter will be sent on a weekly basis where we focus on a different topic or crypto project. I decided not to share my newsletter for free because, first, my trading notes and analyses are the results of thousands(!) hours of work and contain information that is valuable, at least to me. Secondly, I want to keep this club exclusive, people who do not want to pay are happily excluded in newsletter. This club is exclusive! The majority of the market loses money, in fact over 90% of the market loses. Therefore I want to stay in the profitable group of the other 10%. In conclusion, I deserve to get paid for my work, just like you get paid for your work. If you don’t value my analyses, that is totally fine, there are enough “experts” to be found on Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok and whatnot.

I share all of my trading notes and investments

This newsletter will provide you a deep understanding of the crypto market and will help you AVOID its traps and popular misinformation provided by "influencers". The newsletter will cover ALL crypto projects BlowOffTopic will invest in during the bear market with a fundamental & risk analysis, as well as a future price projection. Most of these projects have a projected long term return on investment of 10x or much, much more. 

Welcome to the future, welcome to the 10x Club.

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Crypto investment opportunities during the bear market.


A newsletter focused on investment opportunities in crypto during the bear market. Curated by #BlowOffTopic, a seasoned trader & fundamental analyst specialised in the crypto market since 2017. Welcome to the future, welcome to the 10X Club.